I Demand a Recount

FIRST: Seriously Mother Nature?

For several days now I have been reveling in leggings and jackets and warm sweaters and how good a cup of hot spiced cider tastes. The air has been crisp and cool and basically EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT.

This morning I walk out of my house and was like, “THE EFF???????” Seriously I was this woman:


SECOND: Seriously world?

In addition to my beautiful autumn being replaced by Georgia in June, the world has seemed intent on screwing with me ALL DAY.

Started out with my kid putting on dirty clothes – again (seriously, WHY DO YOU WANT TO WEAR DIRTY CLOTHES???) and having to do a last minute wrangle of “Yes you must change!” and hurry up or you’re going to be LATE!!!

Then a meeting I didn’t even know was happening until yesterday ran almost two hours instead of one.

As I was leaving that meeting to rush back to the office, I dumped half a cup of coffee on my white shirt (‘cuz OF COURSE I was wearing a white shirt when I decide to douse myself in coffee), so I had to run home and change.

When I am finally back in the office, with stuff I need to DO, my computer says, “NOPE!” And I spend over an hour screwing around with it (and forcing myself to not throw it out a window).

Enough world! Whatever it was a did to you, I’m sorry!


LAST: Seriously me?

…. okay, I have nothing specific for this one, but I’m sure I’ve done something to deserve my own ire for. And if not, I’m sure I will before the day is done – I am a classic overachiever!


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  1. Sometimes anger at the general world spills over onto myself. No reason. It takes me a bit to realize it and step back. Hugs.

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