Pitch Camp In The Air vs. Twilight Five Years Into the Woods

Your wait is over – I’M BACK!!!

(I’m sure the two of you who ever read this are sooooo relieved and excited.)

Yip and E


The trip was lovely but also had its “did that just happen??” moments because, well… ME. But for THAT whole story, you’ll have to wait for my book!

How delightfully cruel and cunning of me!


So the topic of TODAY’S entry is: Books

(Well, I mean books besides mine because we already talked about mine and I already told you I’m not going to tell you that story… so OTHER books. Not my book. Are we on the same page now?) … get it… page… Nevermind.


I purchased a bunch of books to bring to the beach with me.

Of course I had more than I could read, and when I had time to read more, I didn’t have them with me. (Note to self: STOP telling yourself that you’ll only be able to read this ‘one book’ on the plane so you might as well put the others in a checked bag and not make your carry-on heavy. YOU KNOW BETTER!!!!)

On the flight down I read Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day by Seanan McGuire. Which was of course amazing. (Now THERE is a woman who could write 300 pages about a woman eating a turkey sandwich and how that is an analogy for divorce  – and have it be National Book Award worthy.) Then I took Wanderlush by David Robert out onto the beach with me… and essentially frightened the hell out of every vacationer (and my husband) who got within 30 feet of me by unexpectedly and LOUDLY breaking into uncontrollable laughter  – frequently, but without enough rhythm or consistency to allow anyone to prepare for my violent outbursts of hilarity (Hysteria, Hilarity… same thing, right?). I will never look at boxed wine or fish the same.

But the one that really got me was one I almost didn’t even buy – Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick. I basically knew less than nothing about her, but heard the book was funny, and some interviews and whatnot I’ve seen with her have been funny so I figured, “what the hell, why not?” And guess what?

It turns out Anne Kendrick is my soulmate. My sister from another mister. She and I are destined to be BFFs forever!

(Yes, so forever I had to say it twice.)

Don’t believe me? Let me itemize the evidence:

  • She is constantly questioning everything/worrying about everything she does ever second of the day.  I am constantly questioning everything/worrying about everything I do ever second of the day.
  • She is weird. I am weird.
  • She is snarky and direct. I am snarky and direct.
  • She is not a morning person. I am not a morning person.
  • She is in her thirties. I am in my thirties. (Look at the date of this post! This is 100% true!!)
  • She hates leaving her house. I hate leaving my house.
  • She hates New Years Eve. I hate New Years Eve.
  • She hates green beer. I hate green beer.
  • She hates talking to strangers. I hate talking to strangers.
  • She loves bad language. I love bad language.
  • She loves Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter.
  • She loves mac-n-cheese. I love mac-n-cheese.
  • She was in plays in high school. I was in plays in high school. (shush, locale of the theater doesn’t matter!)
  • She was in choir. I was in choir. (again, hush it – doesn’t matter how WELL we sing respectively!)
AND drum roll please….
  • We are ALREADY only one degree of separation from each other! I have not only met and taken a class from one of the people listed in her book’s acknowledgement, I am going to be INTERVIEWING THAT PERSON for a (medical administration related, don’t get excited) Podcast in October!

So clearly – it’s written in the stars.

We will buy matching sweatpants and slippers for when I am obviously invited, and obviously attend, her totally awesome “Eff New Years Eve Harry Potter and Alcohol Sleepover” this year. I’ll try and get you an autographed toilet paper tube, but no promises. Anna and I are way too (not) cool for that.


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