Smile If It Kills You

I been in low spirits for a few days (cuz my brain decided this week that it gave ZERO FOXES about what meds I was taking, no one was going tell it to tell me I could sleep.)

So I decided to try and force a little positivity into myself, whether I like it or not.

So this week: Favorites

More specifically, favorite guilty pleasures.


Seriously, how does anyone not like these??? My toes curl just thinking about it. Hot rocks… Yummy smelling oil… Fooooooot rubs…



I always feel kinda guilty about spending $4-$5 on a cup of coffee, or other assorted beverages. I mean, I could get a whole bag of coffee, good stuff, for only twice that amount. But that coffee wouldn’t come with flavored syrup. Or drizzle. Or a banana.

Putting a whole little butter packet on just half a roll. Or half a half a roll…

Seriously, what are dinner rolls even for except as a means of transferring large quantities of butter into your gaping maw?


People Magazine.

I know, I know. It’s total crap. But I love it. I only allow myself to indulge when I travel. Airport bookstore = smut ‘literature’.

Scheduling a mental health day off of work.

I mean, it’s terribly selfish, right? To take a day off for no other reason than to have me time. But I LOVE going to a cafe with a book or coloring stuff and spending the whole day relishing┬áin it.



Lots and lots of pets.



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One thought on “Smile If It Kills You

  1. I love writing down favorite things when I’m feeling down. And self care is super important!

    I am so glad it’s become slightly more acceptable to call out for mental health day rather than just physical health day. If someone isn’t feeling well, they’re not feeling well!

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