There’s a Hole in the Bucket

I haven’t slept well, despite the best intentions of pharmecutical ¬†intervention, in almost a week.

So I’m really exhausted. But does this mean I can go to sleep more easily?

As. If.

Of course not – it actually makes it HARDER to go to sleep. I start to proceed towards that desired and Blissful end, only to be interrupted by thoughts of laying there and not being able to sleep, or falling asleep only to wake up just a short while after and not be able to fall back asleep… So I want to sleep but I can’t sleep because I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep.

So instead of being able to even TRY falling asleep, I’ve worked myself into an inability to even stop pacing my living room.

WTF, Brain? Why are you SUCH an asshole?

#WorldMentalHealthDay #Ineedsomesleep

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Tiffani Panek

Wife of more than 20 years, mom, wrangler of a houseful of furbabies, and certified crazy person... Writing has always been a passion. I'm also an avid reader of everything from sci-fi/fantasy to historical accounts of creepy medical history. My first book A Home For Baby Acorn can be found on Amazon and Blurb, and my first adult venture - Wait, What Were We Talking About - will be available (hopefully) in 2018.

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