MRFR Snakes on an MRFR… House?

So this happened.

Huh. Don’t remember decorating the laundry room with that

Then this…

Wasup? Nice house ya got here


The next day – this.

<Alton’s stunt kitty stand-in> (‘cuz last thing we were thinking of in this moment was taking a picture)

Several days later…

… or at least this is what it looked like in Tybalt’s mind…


…… At least we have no mice?

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Tiffani Panek

Wife of more than 20 years, mom, wrangler of a houseful of furbabies, and certified crazy person... Writing has always been a passion. I'm also an avid reader of everything from sci-fi/fantasy to historical accounts of creepy medical history. My first book A Home For Baby Acorn can be found on Amazon and Blurb, and my first adult venture - Wait, What Were We Talking About - will be available (hopefully) in 2018.

One thought on “MRFR Snakes on an MRFR… House?

  1. Definitely no MORE mice. Keep the snake around and teach tybalt to catch the moving alive things and you’ll be set for life

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