One For Me, One For You

It’s been a busy few weeks, so I was determined to have some quiet today. Hubby went out to mow the grass, kiddo played in his room, and I got the chance to retreat into my office to have some quality time with my art supplies.

The result:

Betty Avatar!!!!

I drew her myself!!! Yes, yes¬†– I realize it’s no Van Gogh (spoil sport), but since I have NO artistic talent to speak of, this is a pretty big deal to me. Plus – BETTY!!!!! I loved it so much, I decided I wanted a Betty the Support Fox t-shirt. So off to Zazzle I went.

And then I realized – I could create stuff ANYONE could buy!!!

Oh. My. God!!!

I have no Earthly idea why anyone would want a Betty coffee mug, but I still think the world is a better place because you could have a Betty coffee mug.

Also, I have two words for you: BETTY HI-TOPS!

Oh yea, oh yea!!!!

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